Happy Birthday To My New Chicks !

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Happy Birthday To My New Chicks !

It's been a rough night and no-one has had much sleep, especially me. My little babies have been very restless all night preparing to enter the world and they have been cheeping for ages !

This morning, Mummy and Daddy came to see me but I wasn't happy with them peering over the nestbox and growled for ages trying to make them go away and leave us all in peace.

Nevertheless, Mummy took a video and if you listen very closely, you can hear me growling and my babies cheeping :)

It isn't quite time for them to fully hatch yet but if you come back in a few hours, we should have the first baby photos available.

The Final Countdown

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Only two days to go now until my little baby chicks arrive !

Whilst I popped out for a light snack earlier, Daddy came to have a check on my clutch of eggs and noticed that one of the eggs was moving slightly, side to side. He dashed to fetch Mummy so she could have a look but the chick had settled down by the time they got back and it wasn't moving anymore :(

Probably just a little restless and getting ready to start pipping and unzipping the shell.

Unfortunate accident

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I did a rather silly thing this morning. In my haste to get out of my nest box and go downstairs for something to eat, I accidentally stepped on one of my precious brood of eggs and broke it :oops:

I am heart broken :(

Daddy had to remove the broken egg this morning so now we are down to only four eggs left.

I promise to look after them all as we are down to 6 days now before they hatch.

Progressing Well

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Today, whilst daddy let me out to have my morning breakfast, I heard him sneak round the back of the nest box and pinch all my eggs ! He took them inside in a little basket, together with a torch of all things. Turns out he was candling the eggs to have a look what was inside. When he came back, he told me that things were looking good and he could see dark shadowy objects in all five eggs. Touch wood, in a week, I will have five gorgeous little chicks to look after :)

Feeling Broody

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Feeling Broody
Feeling Broody

It's Mary here, one of the chickens living at Whiteborough Farm Cottage.

I have been feeling a bit broody lately and have been sitting on some egges for what seems like months but they haven't hatched yet, don't know why :(

Today, mummy and and daddy decided it was time for me to become my own mummy and bought me a new house to live in. You can see a picture above.

They also got five fertile eggs from Grandma Madge next door and put them in my new nest box for me to sit on.

Hopefully, in 21 days, I will have some baby chicks to look after :)

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