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  • Toby's Troubles

  • This is the personal blog of Toby as he comes to terms with his poorly leg and what happens during and after surgery to mend it
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Weekly Trip To Brierley

Weekly Trip To Brierley
Weekly Trip To Brierley

I had another good night and continue to feel a lot better. I had a huge roll on the rug this morning to give my old bones a good?stretch.

We all went to Brierley Park for dinner and Lucy and me were treated to a sausage. M & D put me in that pink pushchair thing again but I don't mind it too much. I am so high off the ground I can see other dogs coming miles away and get my barks started well before they see me which is great fun.

Afterwards, we went to see Grandma Audrey who gave me lots of fuss and attention.

Friday Morning

Friday Morning
Friday Morning
Friday Morning

Overnight, I stayed in my play pen but I was too tired to take much notice of it. I was too warm and snuggly under all those warm blankets as you can see &#58;&#68;

I had some more scrambled egg for breakfast and really enjoyed it. I am feeling much better but my leg is still very painful and swollen with all the bruises from the surgery. Hopefully, the pain will only last for a few days and then I can go chasing the rabbits in the garden again. Only it's winter and there aren't any &#58;&#39;&#40;

Later in the morning, we went to fetch Lucy from G & G's. Daddy forgot to take his camera so?we have no photos of little Lucy planting kisses all over me as she was very excited to see me again.

Relaxing Evening At Home

Relaxing Evening At Home
Relaxing Evening At Home

When we got home, mummy decided I had better try something to eat. I was still feeling very tired from my surgery so could only manage a bit of scrambled egg. As you can see,?I put on my sad?puppy eyes and let mummy hand feed me &#58;&#41;

Afterwards, I flaked out for a little nap. You can just about make out the dressing covering my wound in the photo above. This time, Jon did the surgery on the inside of my leg for some reason. Don't know why yet but I am sure M & D will find out soon and let you all know.

Day of the Surgery

After a very early morning get up, we arrived at Jon's surgery in Lichfield at about 9:20. Jon mentioned that a very urgent spinal injury case had come in overnight so he couldn't guarantee that he could fit me in today after all but would try his best. If we hadn't heard from him before 5:00pm, we were to ring to see what was happening.

M & D were a bit disappointed by this, not knowing again if my leg was going to be mended today or not but they decided to hang around the area rather than go home, just in case Jon managed to fit me in.

They told me later they first went to Tesco's for a cup of tea and a sticky bun but daddy ended up having a humungeous bucket of black forest hot chocolate, mummy had a cup of tea and they shared an iced cup cake and a chocolate orange tart. For 11's of course.

Afterwards, they had a wander round the streets of Lichfield looking in the shops and bought a few bits and bobs. They then got in the car and popped over to a retail park in Tamworth for a bit of dinner and more shopping. Mummy bought a nice new black winter coat from M & S. Whilst eating pie and chips for dinner in ASDA, mummy got a phone call from the surgery at about 1:45pm. Daddy took the call as it was very noisy in ASDA and was told I had had my surgery and was just recovering from the anaesthetic. M & D were very relieved by this so had a bit of after dinner chocolate to celebrate. They were to wait for a further phone call to say when I could be collected. The call was made about 4:00pm and they were to collect me at 5:30pm.

After further shopping, M & D came back to collect me. Jon was very happy how the operation went and showed M & D a few x-rays of before and after. Hopefully, they will appear here soon. Jon handed over some more tablets for me to take, mummy handed over some chocolates to say thanks to Jon for fitting me in so quickly and we all went home.

Toby's Troubles Part 2

I got up this morning and did a silly thing. Jumping off my favourite armchair, which I sleep on overnight, I landed funny and felt a slight twinge in my back left leg. I let out a little yelp which brought mummy running down from upstairs. She had a quick look at my leg and was very worried in case I had torn the?cruciate ligament in my other leg. She rang my friend Jon at Lichfield who said to bring me in straight away so he could take a look.

Daddy had already gone to work whilst this was going on so mummy rang him to meet us both there.

We saw Jon who said I had torn the ligament and would need surgery again to repair the leg. He asked if?I wanted to be booked in straight away to have it done now. Mummy hadn't brought any of my tablets so they decided to bring me back in the morning with all my bits and pieces so Jon could get to work mending me again.

We all went home to get ready. Daddy got all the stair gates and play pen etc out of the garage and started to Toby proof the house as much as possible. At night, we all took Lucy to G & G's so she could stay for a couple of nights whilst I got over the shock of having my leg shaved again.