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  • Toby's Troubles

  • This is the personal blog of Toby as he comes to terms with his poorly leg and what happens during and after surgery to mend it
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Grandad's 80th Birthday

Grandad's 80th Birthday
Grandad's 80th Birthday
Grandad's 80th Birthday
Grandad's 80th Birthday

My Grandad was 80 today so M & D took him and Grandma out for the afternoon. ?Me and Lucy were meant to be going too but because the weather was horrible they had to go somewhere indoors instead where dogs weren't allowed so we spent a nice lazy afternoon sleeping until they got back.

I wasn't very hungry at breakfast so I tipped my dish up in my playpen and then buried it under my blanket for a secret afternoon snack when Lucy wasn't looking!

They all went out later for a meal but we got to have some birthday cake when they came back for a special treat, yum &#58;&#41;

Another blood pressure check!!

We had to go back to see Sarah the Cardiologist today and I had LOTS more blood pressure checks done on both of her machines. ?I started to get a bit fed up as I didn't like the cold gel on my paw but I got lots of tummy rubs from her to take my mind off it and Daddy rubbed my ears which always relaxes me. Kay popped in to say hello and tickle my tummy too and the other nice lady called Mel gave me yummy treats after for being brave &#58;&#41;

Sarah thinks some of my readings are higher on the machine that uses the gel because I get a bit stressed about it as they were lower on the one she usually uses.

Mummy said that Amy from Willows phoned tonight and said she thought it might be worth trying a little bit higher dose of my tablets before she next sees me for my check-up - wonder if that means I will get extra treats too?!!

Back to the Vets again

Today, we went back to the vets to get my blood pressure checked again to see if it had come down since it was checked last week.

This time, mummy and daddy came into the room with me and stroked my ear to help calm me down.

Didn't help much as when the blood pressure was taken, it was very high at 210. The nurse tried a bigger cuff in case there was something wrong with the one she was using and the reading this time was 180 but it was still too high.

We then went in to see the nice vet lady called Sue who agreed the blood pressure was too high and we should go and see Sarah, the cardiologist, again. This was arranged for tomorrow at 1:30pm.

Sue also looked at my wound and said things were progressing nicely with it. She didn't want to remove my stitches and said she would let Jon take a look at them when we go and see him next Thursday at 10am for my checkup. She also said I didn't need to have my pain killing tablets anymore which is a relief.

Sue also said I didn't need to wear my collar, as long as I don't lick my leg too much. I only hope I can sneak a quick lick when mummy and daddy aren't looking &#58;&#41;

Painful experience

Painful experience
Painful experience

Over the last few days my dressing has gradually been coming off so today mummy decided it was time to rip it off !

With daddy holding me tight and me gripping a bone between my teeth, mummy yanked it off in one fell swoop. And boy, did it hurt &#58;&#40;

(Sub-editor Mummy ?- ?Toby, your Daddy does encourage you to exaggerate!! I actually peeled it off very gently and you were very brave but I'm not sure I should tell you that now &#58;&#41; xx)

I won't show you all the gruesome close up photos of the result, or the stinky mess that was the dressing but you can see a photo here of my wound. If you look closely, you can see the knot where the stitches were tied off.

It was such a traumatic experience that I fell asleep with Lucy watching over me, or is that watching what is left of the food in my bowl ? &#58;&#41;

Jubilee Party

Jubilee Party

Today, we were all invitied to a Jubilee Party at Auntie Kate's.

Me and Lucy got into the spirit of things by wearing a festive hat as you can see below.

We had some nice food for tea then a lovely piece of cake for afters.

Thanks to Auntie Kate, Uncle Chris, Rachel and Lily for a lovely party !