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  • Toby's Troubles

  • This is the personal blog of Toby as he comes to terms with his poorly leg and what happens during and after surgery to mend it
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Back at the Vets

After a restless night dreaming of chasing rabbits, mummy and daddy took me back to the vets.

We saw a different vet called Sue this time who was also very nice and friendly. Mummy told her that my leg wasn't feeling any better so Sue decided I had to stay there for a while and have some xrays taken of my leg to see what the problem may be. To make it easier for Sue to take the xrays, I had another injection to put me to sleep for a while so I didn't wriggle around too much. Mummy brought along my favourite toy to keep me company whilst I slowly woke up after the xrays.

Mummy and daddy had to leave me at the vets for a while and said they would come back around 4pm to pick me up.

Visit to the Vets

My mummy and daddy took me to the vets tonight to look at my poorly leg. We saw a nice vet lady called Anke who gave me an injection to help with the pain. She told us to come back in the morning and if the leg was no better, I had to have an xray ! She also listened to my heart with a stethascope and said she heard a slight heart murmur which didn't sound good.

She also had a look at my right eye as I was having a bit of bother with it. She shone this torch thingy into it and had a good look round. After a bit of ummming and aaahhhing, she announced I probably had a detached retina (whatever that is !) and said I would probably need to go and see a specialist to get it looked at.

Oh dear, what have I done !

I was out in the back garden, chasing the rabbits and horses as I normally do every day when suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my right back leg. I let out such a yelp that my mummy came running over to see what I had done. She is very loving and kind my mummy but I am such a heavy lump, she couldn't lift me inside to take care of my poorly leg.

So, she asked my neighbour to pop round to carry me indoors. My daddy was at work so wasn't around to help. Once inside, mummy got some very cold ice to put on my leg to help with the pain I was feeling. She also rang daddy at work to tell him what happened. They both agreed that I should go and see the vet as I couldn't put any weight on my leg cos it was so painful :(

A nice lady called Sue popped round later to have a look at my leg. She gave me lots of cuddles and said the vets was the best place to go.