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  • Toby's Troubles

  • This is the personal blog of Toby as he comes to terms with his poorly leg and what happens during and after surgery to mend it
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Time for bed

Time for bed

My leg is still hurting a bit so I made a few whines to let M & D know I needed a bit of love and attention. Daddy is sitting here tickling my tummy and mummy is rubbing my ears to relax me as I am very restless and can't get comfy.

M & D don't want to leave me alone during the night so daddy spends ages putting together a makeshift bed on the living room floor using rugs, old duvets and an old thin mattress. Not very comfy by the looks of things but m & d would do anything to look after me which I really appreciate.

We all snuggle down for the night with me in my play pen and m & d on the floor. About 5am ish, my leg is twinging a bit so daddy gets me out and we all snuggle up together for a couple of hours on the bed. Bliss !

Time to go home

M & D came to pick me up just after 4.30pm and I could see in their faces that they were so relieved I was OK and everything went fine with the surgery.

Jon explained what he had done and showed them some x-rays of my leg, before and after. I will put them on here soon when Jon emails them to daddy.

I had an operation called TWO (tibial wedge osteotomy) which involved removing a small wedge of bone from my leg, closing the gap and putting a metal plate and six screws over the joint to hold things in place.

My leg is very swollen and sore and totally bare where I have been shaved and it hurts quite a bit at the moment so I have more tablets to take to help with the pain and prevent infections in my wound. I also have a big plaster on my leg to protect the wound but I don't have any bandages or casts or anything else.

M & D were pleased with how things went so we all went home and stopped off at McDonalds on the way back for something to eat. I wasn't hungry and even though daddy peeled me some chicken nuggets to eat, I couldn't manage any so daddy had to eat them all. What a hero !

Day of the surgery

Today's the day I get my poorly leg mended !

We left early and got to Lichfield at just after 9am. We met Jon the surgeon again who checked me out and then mummy and daddy left whilst Jon took care of me. I was feeling very brave and wasn't scared at all.

M & D went shopping to Tamworth and relieved their stress with a nice raspberry ripple cupcake for 11's. Auntie Anne gave mummy some money for me which she spent on a nice comfy cushion for my pushchair.

    Auntie Anne

Mummy and daddy are now waiting for a phone call to say they can pick me up which should be before 3pm.

At 2.30pm, mummy got a phone call to say that everything went as well as could be expected, I was coming round from my deep sleep and they could pick me up at 4.30pm.

M & D had a couple of hours to kill so they had a wander round Tescos, got evacuated when the fire alarm went off, went back in and had a cup of tea and a lemon tart for 4's.

Another visit to the Vets

Mummy and Daddy took me to the vets this morning to get my blood pressure checked. The vets were a little busy so daddy left mummy to look after me whilst he went home to eat some chocolate.

Mummy rang daddy at 11am to pick us up after the tests were done by a nice lady called Nettie.


Mummy then rang Sarah to see if the readings were ok. ?Sarah said they were so agreed that mummy could ring Jon, the leg doctor, to book me in for surgery. We were all shocked when Jon said to bring me in tomorrow morning at 9am !

I was so bewildered I went into the garden for a sunbathe and Lucy joined me as well.

Can you spot the horse in the distance. Me and Lucy love chasing the horses and barking at them !

Further test results

Daddy got an email this morning from Amy to say the remainer of my test results all came back clear which is a great relief for everyone, especially me.

Just got to go for a final blood pressure test at the vets tomorrow to see if the tablets I have been taking have brought it down enough to have surgery on my poorly leg.