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  • Toby's Troubles

  • This is the personal blog of Toby as he comes to terms with his poorly leg and what happens during and after surgery to mend it
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Boring Wednesday

Not at lot happening today. Spent time sun bathing in the garden as it has been a lovely day.

Took Princess Lucy to G & G's for the night. Not convinced she likes being alone as she seems to spend most of her time pining to be with me again.

It's now gone 8pm and I can't have any supper, not fair :(


Another visit to the vets

In the afternoon we went to see another vet called Nick to see if he could find out why my blood pressure was high. Rather than do more tests which might not find anything, he recommended we go to a specialist referral centre in Solihull who would be able to help. They also had specialists there who could look at my eye.

He said he would ring our vet Anke to tell her his and for her to arrange the referral for us. By the time we got home, Anke had already rung and left a message on our answer phone. She had booked us in to see a lady called Amy this coming Thursday at 12:00pm.


Visit to the cardiologists

We went to see another very nice lady called Sarah who was a specialist in sorting out heart problems. Her surgery was full of flashy computer stuff, even my dad didn't know what they were !

Sarah and Cat Sarah? Kay

All I was bothered about was getting comfy on her couch which had the most amazing fluffy soft blanket ever. Sarah's assistant Kay rubbed my tummy to settle me down which always works wonders !

Sarah used her magic stick covered in sticky stuff to have a look inside me and we all saw a picture of my insides on her computer screen. No idea what it all meant but as long as Sarah did, that's good enough for me. She also stuck these sticky blue things on my paws and attached them to her computer so she could look at my heart beating.

She also looked at my dodgy eye and took my blood pressure with another magic gizmo.

The upshot of all these tests were that my heart was in good condition but I had high blood pressure. The high blood pressure had probably caused the retina in my right eye to become detached as well. Unfortunately, Sarah couldnt say what was causing it so said it would be best to go see someone else to sort this out. She gave me some tablets to take which were the same as grandad uses for his high blood pressure as well.

All this was a lot to take in for mum and dad so we all went home for a cup of tea and to get my din-dins as I was starving by now.

Later, we went to grandma and grandads to pick up Lucy Locket who had stayed there for the day. Looks like she had missed me as she gave me lots of kisses.

I was getting hungry again by now so I asked daddy to stop off on the way back to pick up some chippies and a sausage for supper. Yummy !

Phone call

Mummy was up town doing some shopping when she got a phone call from Jon. He had some bad news and told her that he had done an ECG on my heart and noticed an anomaly, something about lack of p-waves in the trace. He said that we should go and see a specialist cardiologist in Derby to take a proper look as he was worried about it. He didn't want to operate on my leg if I had a dodgy ticker as well (just like my dad !)

Mum and dad came back to fetch me and off to Derby we went (stopping off at McDonalds on the way for a spot of lunch)

Trip to Lichfield

We are just setting out in the car to drive to Lichfield to see a clever man called Jon. Daddy over estimated the time to get there so we stopped off for a cuppa at McDonalds on the way to ease mummy's stress.


Got there about 9.30am and sat waiting for a short time until Jon was ready to see us. He had a bit of a pull on my leg but I was too tense and wouldn't let him near me so he gave me a shot of methadone to zonk me out (which it did !)

M & D were getting stressed too so they resorted to the age old remedy of eating chocolate to calm them down. I hadn't eaten since last night and was starving too and was dying for a nibble but I knew I couldn't or I would get in trouble with the vet.

After pulling me about a bit more the vet pulled my leg about a bit and confirmed my leg was duff and needed surgery to sort it out. M & D left at this point and left me in the capable hands of the vet.