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  • Toby's Troubles

  • This is the personal blog of Toby as he comes to terms with his poorly leg and what happens during and after surgery to mend it
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Home Alone

Home Alone
Happy 60th birthday Uncle Derek for tomorrow !


Mummy and daddy have gone out tonight leaving me alone in the house with little Lucy. Not impressed as Lucy gets up to all sorts of trouble when we are left alone. Ask mummy to tell you about the grapes incident &#58;&#114;&#111;&#108;&#108;&#58;

Mummy told me it was Uncle Derek's 60th birthday and they had been invited out for a meal at the Woodend with them and their family.

When mummy and daddy got back, me and Lucy got very excited as we could smell food ! Mummy always brings us a treat back when they go out and it smelt something good tonight. In fact, Uncle Derek and Auntie Diana sent us a sausage to cheer us up. That's two in one day?&#58;&#68;

Weekly Trip To Brierley

Weekly Trip To Brierley
Weekly Trip To Brierley
Weekly Trip To Brierley

Today, we all went for our weekly walk and sausage at Brierley Park.

After our lunch, we had a walk around the pond in the middle of the park and looked at all the wild birds swimming on the water.

On the way back, mummy decided it was time for my 5 minute poddle and before you could say woof, little Lucy had jumped into my pink pushchair and demanded to be pushed back to the car !

When I woofed a complaint to her, she just blobbed her tongue out at me. Little madam !

Raining Today

Raining Today
Has Toby Lost The Plot ?
Raining Today

The weather is a bit miserable today so for me to go outside, I need to protect my dressing.

Mummy looks in vain for a suitable cover for my leg but in the end, could only find a food freezer bag ! She also found some nice brown ribbon to tie round the top to hold it up but it kept dropping down so daddy ended up sticking my tail through the bag handles which worked a treat. Not very dignified though &#58;&#40;

Week after surgery

It's been a week now since I had my surgery and things are looking good.

I have spent most of last week resting (and whining says daddy) in my play pen with the odd visit outside to go toilet.

Things change a little now and I have to go out in the garden three times a day, for 5 minutes at a time walking on my lead, to start exercising my leg a bit more.

After a week, it goes up to 10 minute exercise periods, followed by 15 minutes the week after.

I am still wearing my collar (which I have decided I hate !) but it is stopping me licking my dressing which mummy and daddy say is a good thing. Unfortunately, it also stops me from scratching my ears so many thanks to daddy for giving my ear a good scratch this evening.

My dressing is getting a bit dog eared though but it has to stay on until we visit the vet again next week for it to be checked.

More relaxing in the garden

More relaxing in the garden
Me and Lucy sitting in the garden catching some rays

Whilst the sun is shining, I am enjoying some time poddling in the garden. I am under strict control of my daddy who has me on a short lead so I can't run away chasing those cute bunny rabbits. It's only been 5 days since my op but I am already managing to walk a bit on my poorly leg but only for a short period of time so I don't hurt it again.

Click the play button below to see me walking?