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  • Toby's Troubles

  • This is the personal blog of Toby as he comes to terms with his poorly leg and what happens during and after surgery to mend it
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Hair cut

Auntie Hazel came round to give me a hair cut before my big day at the surgeons. Mum and dad gave me a bath first to save time which was a great laugh as when daddy was drying me I had the biggest shake and soaked them both with water, hehehe.

Auntie Hazel also said she would lend me a soft doggy collar to wear after my surgery rather than one of those horrible lamp shade thingies to stop me licking my wounds.

Appointment Confirmed

Appointment Confirmed

Mummy got a phone call confirming my appointment to go and see the clever man at Lichfield. I am booked in to see him on Monday next week.

Meanwhile me and Lucy are having great fun playing in our new play pen.

Special delivery from the postman

Special delivery from the postman

To prepare for my recovery, mummy and daddy have been busy buying things to help me get about.

Today, a special doggy pink pushchair arrived so I can be pushed around in style ! But PINK of all colours, I'm a boy mummy, not a Pink Princess like our Lucy !

I had my first outing in it when mummy and daddy took me and Lucy to Brierley Park for a walk and a bite to eat. M & D had grown up food for lunch but today, as a special treat, me and Lucy got a WHOLE SAUSAGE each ! How lucky are we :)

In the afternoon, daddy popped up town to get me some more bits, a play pen, a couple of stair gates, and clever daddy even made me a special ramp so I can get over steps easily without hurting my leg.

Time for the results

It was back to the vets again to hear the results of the xrays. Bad news unfortunately &#58;&#40;

It looks like I have totally ruptured the cruciate ligament in my leg and the only option is to have some surgery to mend it. We saw Anke again and she recommended we go and visit a nice man in Lichfield who was a specialist Orthopaedic surgeon who would be able to make my leg better. All we have to do now is wait for the nice man to ring so we can book an appointment to go and see him.


Home time

Mummy and daddy arrived on time to pick me up and I was so glad to see them, my tail wouldn't stop wagging for ages !

Sue talked to mummy and daddy for a while and told them the xrays were going to be sent to an Orthopaedic surgeon for him to work out why my leg hurt so much.

We were also asked to come back to the vets again in the morning for the results and to make sure I wasn't affected by the anesthetic which made me sleepy earlier.